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laws & regulation become digital

At Data61 | CSIRO, we are building an open platform based on a machine-readable version of current laws, acts, policies and other regulatory documents. Building on ten years of research and development, our goal is to enable the birth of a new RegTech industry powered by digital legislation.


Regulatory frameworks are too expensive for businesses to navigate, and too complex for government to reform efficiently. To remediate to this, we are building an ecosystem of tools based on an open database of logic rules. Our goal is to make laws and regulation available in a digital, machine-readable format, enabling any third party to develop their own compliance application.

Exemplar #1

Business process compliance

Businesses rely on policy and regulation experts massively. What if we could facilitate this work, automating the compliance audit. We developed BPC61, a web application which allows to check any process against previously encoded legislative requirements, automatically. As a proof of concept, we encoded the Commonwealth Procurement Rules allowing to check a procurement process against it, live and automatically.

Exemplar #2

Permits and licences

Opening a new business? Our automatic concierge asks you the right questions, at the right time, once.

Using your answers against the requirements of diverse acts of legislation, PermitMe identifies the permits and licences your business will require and collects the necessary information so you can apply for them quickly and efficiently, online.

Exemplar #3

Payroll checker

Payroll systems are complex to set up and difficult to update every few years when a new enterprise agreement comes to effect. PaidRight checks enterprise agreements and industry awards' requirements against your payroll system's data (timesheets, payslips, etc.) identifying variances and allowing BOOT tests to make sure that your employees are paid right.

About us

We are on a mission to create our data-driven future. Data is the new currency of our world. Data-driven insights change the way we live, work, invent and innovate. Data is the raw material that fuels new industries and disrupts existing ones. We can help you to find your path to a data-driven future; where to look, how to think, questions to ask, shortcuts to take, risks to avoid and opportunities to seize upon. Join us! 


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